Publish more, work less.

Pigeon helps you automate and take control of your content - so you can publish more content with less work.

What is Pigeon?

Pigeon is a CMS and automation tool for bloggers and content creators.

Publish more content.

Want to publish more content on a regular basis? Use Pigeon to turn your content workflows into repeatable processes.

Automate everything.

Automate all of the monotonous stuff in your content workflows, like creating Google Docs.

Take control.

Outreach, follow up, set deadlines, and manage hundreds of in progress articles / projects.

Leverage writers.

Be an effective editor in chief and leverage others who want to write for you for free.

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Why am I building this?

My name is Pat Walls, I'm a blogger and developer.

I grew my blog to 60K monthly visitors in one year and have also published over 300 blog posts (as a side project).

How did I do this? I built a ton of automation tools.

I'm building Pigeon to bring these tools to you.

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Thank you!

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