Email Tracking

View details of your leads directly alongside emails.

Video: How to use the Pigeon sidebar (2 mins)

Adding email conversations to your CRM

In the Pigeon sidebar, there are two options:

1 - Create New Entry: Create a new entry (new lead) from this thread.

2 - Add To Existing Entry: Add this thread to an existing entry (existing lead).

1 - How to add a new entry

  1. Under "Create New Entry", you will see a list of all of your collections.
  2. Click the collection you'd like to add it to.

2 - How to add to an existing entry

Pigeon is smart - it will first look through your entries to see if there are any entries to suggest you add to:

If you're looking for something else, you can simply search for it:

Editing all of your CRM data

  1. You can edit all data in your CRM right from the sidebar

How to remove an entry

  1. Click the "Settings" cog wheel.
  2. Click "Remove thread from Pigeon"

(this will remove the Pigeon thread record from that entry, and will not delete the entry itself - you must do that from the CRM)

How to send an automated sequence from the sidebar

You can send a follow up sequence in an existing email conversation. These follow ups will send as replies, making your follow ups feel ultra-personalized.

  1. Click the Setttings cog wheel, and select "Send Sequence".

How to view scheduled follow-ups from the sidebar

If you have any scheduled follow-ups (from a sequence) you can see them in the sidebar.

  1. You can see exactly when the follow ups are to be sent.
  2. You can expand each one to view the contents
  3. You can delete the follow ups if you'd like (with the trash can).

How to view other email conversations associated

  1. Click the "Expand" icon in the top right of the sidebar

How to add a new field from the sidebar

  1. At the bottom of the sidebar, simply click "Add Field"