Pigeon is a CRM built inside Gmail that allows you to send cold email campaigns, schedule automated follow ups, and keep track of your entire process inside Gmail.

Here are some of the features:

Never let a deal fall through the cracks, ever again.

View your pipeline from within your inbox

  • Never leave Gmail
  • All fields, stages, etc are fully customizable - it works for you
  • Get a view of all of your leads, linked to email threads.

The simplicity of a spreadsheet in your email

  • No more clunky CRM in a separate window
  • It’s like a spreadsheet, but on steroids

Add entries, filter, group by status, copy, paste, and sort

Quickly find the email conversations for your leads

  • See what email conversations happened
  • Links straight through to the conversation

Multiple tabs

  • Track different campaigns, promotions, and leads
  • Just like a spreadhseet!

Unlimited Mail Merge

Mail merge/cold emails with automated follow up replies

  • Send cold emails right from inside Gmail
  • Schedule as many automated follow ups as you want
  • Use variables like {{ first_name }} - all linked to your spreadsheet
  • Watch how easy it is to do inside Gmail

Schedule sequences for later

  • Choose your sequences to “send now”
  • Or type “in 2 days” or “in september”

Insert custom variables in your emails

  • Use the recipient's first name, website, or anything with {{ variables }}
  • Variables are linked to your CRM spreadsheet view

  • Want to customize links or insert link params?
  • Just insert variables inside links

Attach files to your outreach and follow up emails

  • Attach PDFs, images, and more to cold emails and automated follow ups

Send from multiple emails

  • Want to send emails from another email address?
  • Pigeon has access to all of your aliases!
  • It’s as simple as this

Batching and queueing

If you want to send out a lot of emails at once, you can batch them out over the course of hours, or even days! You can choose to:

  • send 10 emails every 10 minutes
  • send 100 emails every hour
  • or any combination you'd like.


This video shows you how you can create a sequence inside Gmail, send mass mail merge, and send automated follow-ups to each one (all inside Gmail):

View details of your leads directly alongside emails.

Know where you're at - right inside the email thread

  • Know exactly where you’re at with your deal.
  • Your CRM is right alongside your email thread.
  • Update data, schedule follow ups from this view.
  • Never leave Gmail!

In this video, I explain how to use the Pigeon sidebar to track data and stay on top of your leads inside Gmail by using Pigeon.

Lightning fast canned responses

  • Stop typing up the same emails over and over
  • Pull these up with a keyboard shortcut

How to use canned responses inside Gmail by using keyboard shortcuts, injecting variables, and ultimately the fastest way to do canned responses in Gmail:

Eliminate the chase with reply sequences

This feature will make you way more productive at email.

  • Effortlessly apply reminders and sequences for your leads while you respond to emails.
  • Stay more on top of your business, and never let anything fall through the cracks!

In this video, I explain how to set a reminder or automated follow up sequence for someone that you're already emailing with, and send follow ups as replies.

Remind yourself to follow up.

Set reminders to follow up

  • Want to snooze an email and be reminded later?
  • Choose to be reminded ‘in 10 days’ or ‘in September’

Pigeon for Teams

Share lead data with your team

  • Click the settings for the collection you would like to share

  • Collaborate with members on your team
  • All inside of Gmail

Automated follow ups.

Send automated follow ups to existing conversations

  • Want to send some automated follow ups with someone you’re already talking to?
  • Pigeon will send these as replies
  • Watch how easy it is to put an existing conversation into a follow up sequence, inside Gmail :

Configure days between follow ups

Send from multiple emails

  • Want to send emails from another email address?
  • Pigeon has access to all of your aliases!
  • It’s as simple as this

Know when your emails were read.

Email tracking

  • Know when someone read your email
  • See this right inside the Gmail!

  • You can also see when the recipient clicks on links in your emails.
  • (Optional setting)

Stay organized with Saved Views

You can save custom views in Pigeon!

Quick access to all your data.

Anywhere in Gmail, you can hit the keyboard shortcut "command+k" or "alt+k" (on a PC) and it will pop up the all new Pigeon Helper.

You can:

  • Search for leads and navigate to them
  • Navigate to collections
  • Navigate to saved views
  • Go to your sequences
  • Go to your scheduled mails

See it in action:


And here's a video of how it works :)

Pigeon Compose Widget

Sending a new email manually in Gmail and want to add it to Pigeon?

You can now do that right from the compose window.

You can also:

  • Create a new entry right from the compose menu
  • Add to an existing entry
  • Edit all of the details about your entry
  • Remove the lead from the email (if necessary)

Here's how it works.

Attach files to outreach, sequences, and follow ups

You can attach files to the emails in your sequences.

Here's how you can do it:

Pigeon Email Analytics

Want to see how your emails are performing?

Analyze sent, open, and click rate for all your sequences.

To access it, just hover over the activity icon for any email of any sequence! Here is a GIF of how simple it is: