Email Tracking

Sending personalized emails

When creating your email sequences, you can do a ton of customization and personalization.

You can use {{ variables }} that will inject data (like name, business name, etc) inside your email templates.

How to personalize your emails

  1. Start typing out your emails
  2. When you're ready to insert a field, click "Drop in custom variable"
  3. Choose the field you want to add

How to personalize the subject lines of your emails

You can personalize subject lines, we just don't have a fancy editor. Here's how to do it.

How to preview the email before sending it?

Just click "Save" on the email, and it will show you a preview, including with the personalized tags.

How to personalize URLs

For ultra-personalization, you customize links:

  1. Find the variable {{ code }} by dropping down the variables, for example {{ website }}
  2. Select the text you'd like to hyperlink
  3. Type {{ website }} as the URL

How to personalize UTM parameters

Similar to links, you can insert a variable {{ code }} inside of a link, such as a UTM parameter.

For example, you could do:{{ full_name }}