Email Tracking

Unlimited Mail Merge

Mail merge/cold emails with automated follow up replies

  • Send cold emails right from inside Gmail
  • Schedule as many automated follow ups as you want
  • Use variables like {{ first_name }} - all linked to your spreadsheet
  • Watch how easy it is to do inside Gmail

Schedule sequences for later

  • Choose your sequences to “send now”
  • Or type “in 2 days” or “in september”

Insert custom variables in your emails

  • Use the recipient's first name, website, or anything with {{ variables }}
  • Variables are linked to your CRM spreadsheet view

  • Want to customize links or insert link params?
  • Just insert variables inside links

Attach files to your outreach and follow up emails

  • Attach PDFs, images, and more to cold emails and automated follow ups

Send from multiple emails

  • Want to send emails from another email address?
  • Pigeon has access to all of your aliases!
  • It’s as simple as this

Batching and queueing

If you want to send out a lot of emails at once, you can batch them out over the course of hours, or even days! You can choose to:

  • send 10 emails every 10 minutes
  • send 100 emails every hour
  • or any combination you'd like.


This video shows you how you can create a sequence inside Gmail, send mass mail merge, and send automated follow-ups to each one (all inside Gmail):