Email Tracking

Automated follow ups

How automated follow-ups work

  • Our follow-ups send as replies to the original email, making your emails feel personalized
  • If the recipient replies, the automated follow-ups will be canceled

How to add an automated follow up to your sequence

  1. In the sequence editor, click "Add follow up"

How to configure the time between automated follow-ups

  1. Edit the number of days you'd like to wait before it sends the follow up

How to edit and personalize an automated follow-up

  1. You can edit and customize these follow-ups just like any email. Learn more about email personalization.

How to send a follow up even if the recipient replies

Although less common, you can configure Pigeon to send follow-ups no matter what, even if they reply.

  1. Toggle "Advanced Options" at the bottom
  2. Check the box for "Reply Regardless".
  3. Click "Save"

How to send follow-ups at a specific time of the day

You can choose to send your follow up at a specific hour of the day, for example, 1:00 PM.

This works how you would expect: If you send your first email at 3PM on Monday, and then two days later you set a follow up for 1PM, it will send the follow up at 1PM on Wednesday.

  1. Click the Settings cog in the top right of the email editor
  2. Select what time of day, and the time zone.
  3. Click "Save"

Configure the default time zone?

You can also customize the time zone it will send at. If you don't select a time zone, it will use the default time zone for you. You can edit your default time zone from the settings page:

Don't follow up on the weekends

You can configure your follow up emails to never be sent on the weekend.

If you check the box "skip weekends?", and a follow-up email falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then Pigeon will wait until Monday to send the email.