Pigeon is a CRM built inside Gmail that allows you to send cold email campaigns, schedule automated follow ups, and keep track of your entire process inside Gmail.

I am obviously biased, but I think it is the best lightweight CRM tool out there - I use it to manage a very high volume of deals inside my inbox and close them.

Here are some of the features:

View your pipeline from within your inbox

  • Never leave Gmail
  • All fields, stages, etc are fully customizable - it works for you
  • Get a view of all of your leads, linked to email threads.

The simplicity of a spreadsheet in your email

  • No more clunky CRM in a separate window
  • It’s like a spreadsheeet, but on steroids

Add entries, filter, group by status, copy, paste, and sort

Quickly find the email conversations for your leads

  • See what email conversations happened
  • Links straight through to the conversation

Know where your at - right inside the email thread

  • Know exactly where you’re at with your deal.
  • Your CRM is right alongside your email thread.
  • Update data, schedule follow ups from this view.
  • Never leave Gmail!

Mail merge/cold emails with automated follow up replies

  • Send cold emails right from inside Gmail
  • Schedule as many automated follow ups as you want
  • Use variables like {{ first_name }} - all linked to your spreadsheet
  • Watch how easy it is to do inside Gmail

Send automated follow ups to existing conversations

  • Want to send some automated follow ups with someone you’re already talking to?
  • Pigeon will send these as replies
  • Watch how easy it is to put an existing conversation into a follow up sequence, inside Gmail :

Schedule sequences for later

  • Choose your sequences to “send now”
  • Or type “in 2 days” or “in september”

Insert custom variables in your emails

  • Use the recipient's first name, website, or anything with {{ variables }}
  • Variables are linked to your CRM spreadsheet view

  • Want to customize links or insert link params?
  • Just insert variables inside links

Configure days between follow ups

Lightning fast templates and canned responses

  • Stop typing up the same emails over and over
  • Pull these up with a keyboard shortcut

Send from multiple emails

  • Want to send emails from another email address?
  • Pigeon has access to all of your aliases!
  • It’s as simple as this

Multiple tabs

  • Track different campaigns, promotions, and leads
  • Just like a spreadhseet!

Email tracking

  • Know when someone read your email
  • See this right inside the Gmail!

Set reminders to follow up

  • Want to snooze an email and be reminded later?
  • Choose to be reminded ‘in 10 days’ or ‘in September’


  • Collaborate with members on your team
  • All inside of Gmail

Calendar view

  • Visualize your pipeline from a calendar view
  • Know when your deals are going to close