Getting Started With Pigeon

A short tutorial on how to get started.

How To Use Fields

How to add, edit, customize, and delete fields inside Gmail using Pigeon.

View details of your leads directly alongside emails.

Your data is directly integrated with your emails.

Lightning fast canned responses

Typing the same emails over and over? Use a keyboard shortcut to access all your templates.

Unlimited Mail Merge

Use our mail merge feature, schedule automated follow ups, and use variables from your data.

Eliminate the chase with reply sequences

Send automated follow ups from existing email threads - as natural replies to the conversation.

Advanced Google Docs & Blogger Features

Generate Google Docs with Pigeon.

Sequence Batching

Spread out sequences with large mail merge campaigns.

Send test sequence

Have confidence your sequences work!

Set sequences from Gmail reply box.

Set sequences, follow ups, and reminders from Gmail reply box.

Pigeon Compose Widget

Add entries to Pigeon while composing emails!

View auto follow ups from Gmail sidebar

Set and have context on when you're following up with your leads.

Custom date formatting in sequence templates

Customize date variables a million ways.

From Email Formatting

Quick access to all your data.

Use the Pigeon Helper to quickly navigate and find your data.

Click tracking

Track when your links are clicked.

Send follow up email at specific time of the day

Now you can specify what time of the say you want to send your follow up.

Reply Regardless

Send email follow up no matter if the recipient responds.

Pigeon Email Analytics

Analyze sent, open, and click rate for you all your sequences.

How to set up Zapier

How to set up a Pigeon for Gmail Zapier integration.

Smart fields

Smart fields automatically update for you.

Search entries

Search entries

Email Tracking

Track when your emails were read and clicked.

Stay organized with Saved Views

Save views of your Pigeon dashboards.

Sort Entries

Sort your entries

Import your data into Pigeon

Importing is as simple as copying and pasting

Email personalization for mail merge

The sky is the limit for much you can customize!

Automatically update lead status in sequence builder

Automatically update lead status in sequence builder

Automated follow up replies with quoted text

Your automated follow ups look realer than ever.