Here's a look at some of the awesome features that Pigeon has to offer.

Getting Started With Pigeon

A short tutorial on how to get started.

How To Use Fields

How to add, edit, customize, and delete fields inside Gmail using Pigeon.

Using The Pigeon Sidebar

How the Pigeon sidebar works.

The Most Efficient Canned Responses In Gmail

How to use Pigeon's canned responses to save a lot of time.

Build An Automated Follow Up Sequence Inside Gmail

How to build out an automated follow up sequence inside Gmail.

Mail Merge With Automated Follow Ups

How to send mass email with automated follow up sequence.

Send Automated Follow Up Sequence As Replies Inside Gmail

How to send an automated follow up sequence for someone that you're already emailing with.

Advanced Google Docs & Blogger Features

Generate Google Docs with Pigeon.