Works with your existing tools

by Andrew Kamphey

I’m excited to announce that we just launched Zapier integrations!

What does this mean? It means you can integrate Pigeon with thousands of apps, such as:

Here’s just one example of how you could set it up:

  1. Add new row to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

  2. This automatically creates a new Entry in Pigeon AND sends an email with automated follow ups!

1 - Add new row(s) to Google Sheets

This is the only “work” you have to do. The rest will be handled by the automation! Pretty cool stuff :)

2 - The entry is automatically added to Pigeon

3 - Email sequences are automatically sent, with variables like name, etc.

4 - Automated follow-ups are set up as well.

Zapier integrations are invite only right now.

If you're interested in setting up a Zapier integration, just send me an email and we can get you set up.