What is the best email auto follow up tool?

by Andrew Kamphey

There are countless apps out there that will help you follow up, like Boomerang, which will simply remind you to follow up. If you use Gmail or GSuite, the best (& most advanced) email follow up tool is Pigeon for Gmail.


1 - Everything is inside Gmail

Sending automated follow-ups is as simple as clicking one button inside your Gmail thread.

There is no extra app you need to use, it’s all right in the same interface - here is how simple it is - just pick out your sequence and hit send:

2 - Create customized follow up sequences depending on any situation.

Often times you will have a lot of different sequences and ways you want to follow up, depending on the lead.

It may be with a cold lead:

Or it may be with someone you’re already talking to:

3 - Pigeon follow-ups look like real replies from real humans.

There are a lot of apps out there that claim to send automated follow-ups, yet they actually send new emails.

Your recipients will see this and know that a robot is following up…

With Pigeon, it will reply directly to the thread, and it looks like this:

4 - Smart reply logic

Pigeon is able to cancel sequences and automated follow ups based on advanced logic.

If the recipient replies, then Pigeon will cancel future emails and bump it to the top of your inbox, so you can take action on that email.

5 - Templates and variables

Within your follow up sequences, you can use {{ variables }} to add advanced logic to your follow ups:

6 - Configure days between follow-ups

Want to see it in action? Watch this YouTube video on how to send a mail merge with automated follow ups: