Can I use Gmail for my business email?

by Andrew Kamphey

Yes! From small companies to the Fortune 500, 1.5 billion people use Gmail for their email - and many of them are business accounts.

Here are the advantages of using Gmail for business:

It’s easy to use because you’re already familiar with it.

You already know how to use Gmail. You are familiar with the features. It will be easy to learn and you can focus on your business!

Low cost

Gmail is 100% free, and if/when you’re ready to upgrade to G Suite, it’s only about $5/month, and that gives you access to Google’s entire suite of tools. Other tools cost 20-30x per month.

Tons of file storage

With a free Gmail account, you get 15GB of free space. That’s a ton of space, and probably more than you need for your business. With a small upgrade to G Suite Basic, you get 30GB per user.

Low maintenance.

There will be no need for your own IT server, and any kind of plugins, extensions, are just a click away. And if you run into a problem, there are millions of people that.

Never worry about data loss

You will never have to worry about data loss, since everything is stored in the cloud under some of the most reliable servers in the world.


Gmail and G Suite is world-class from a security perspective. Your business Gmail account is backed up on the Google platform which means you are guaranteed for it to work 99.99% of the time. Your data is SSL-encrypted, so no one can access your info.

Access from anywhere

Gmail is the most ubiquitous email platform in the world, so that means you can access your email from anywhere. Any type of computer or browser, or mobile device. And since everything is stored in the cloud, you never have to download your message.

Gmail also has amazing mobile apps for your smartphone.

Easy migration to G Suite

When you’re ready to move off an account and use an email account with your domain name, Google makes it insanely easy to migrate all of your data and emails.

Access to Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the most widely used calendar tools, and you get it for free. Use this to track appointments/ schedule meetings.

Reliable email sending

Sending emails with Gmail is one of the most reliable ways to send emails. You will run into fewer issues of hitting spam folders and deliverability because Gmail is the most trusted email platform in the world.

Manage tasks and reminders with Google Tasks

Google Tasks lets you create to-do lists. You can integrate it into your Gmail calendar as well.

Group Email Addresses

If you use G Suite, you can set up group email addresses, which allow you to easily communicate with large lists of people, such as your company, a smaller team, or a segment of customers.

Google Suite

Get access to the best tools like Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. Using similar tools with Microsoft Office would cost you a fortune, you get all this for free!

Google Drive

Share documents with your team, for free! All your Google Docs, Slides and Sheets created by you and your team will live in one simple place!

Also, you can easily manage permissions of view-only, edit and comment on all your documents, so you can share them with the public, internally, or just for yourself!

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the best conferencing tools out there, and it’s completely free. Tools like Zoom cost thousands per year, where Hangouts gets the job done at no cost!