Maximize Outbound Email Prospecting Efforts

by Andrew Kamphey

There are an almost infinite number of conversion optimization opportunities. Sometimes though to increase your leads you need to increase the total emails you're sending.

We're going to come at this a few different ways.

One: I’m going to give you creative ways to do more outbound email.

Two: I”m going to give you simple tricks to increase what you're doing already using Pigeon and it’s features.

Three: Send more emails to the people you’re already sending to.

In summary we're going Email more people, Use Pigeon More, and Follow Up More.

One: Email More People

So your prospecting is going well, but it can do better. You have a bunch of failed contacts that went nowhere. Or you’re trying to gain more customers via email.

Think in Cohorts

The first simple tip to email more peoples is to think in cohorts, not individuals. With pigeon you can email ten, twenty or a hundred people at a time. When you do send you want that email to go to as many people as possible.

Once you write one email you can send it to many many people over and over again.

Go back to your successful email campaigns and identify the top 10 who converted. Look for patterns in those people. And then broaden your scope. The way I do this is to copy and paste their linkedin profiles all together and then look for common words and phrases. The most innocent little phrases will spell perfect targeting later on.

You’ll find key terms people refer to themselves with. And you can use that in linkedin searches later to find more people.

Decision Makers AND Purchase Makers

Sometimes companies are set up with levels of skills. Sometimes the decision makers in an organization are not the ones who ultimately make the purchase. I found this out the hard way trying to do affiliate marketing to CEOs. I found out that I earned $0 from hundreds of sales when the purchaser was someone else at the company.

A simple way to get purchase intent is to find and talk to the person making purchases. You’ll find these are controllers, or accountants or CFO’s perhaps. The people making sure every penny is accounted for.

Small organizations might only have one person in charge of the company credit card. Founder and CEO might not have the credit card in hand. So make sure you’re reaching out to both the people making decisions and the people making purchases.

Two: Use Pigeon More

These features of Pigeon will keep your prospects moving.

Group by Status

More about the sort leads feature here

Automated Followups

Our follow-ups send as replies to the original email, making your emails feel personalized If the recipient replies, the automated follow-ups will be canceled More about Automated followups here

Smart Fields

Keep information about your leads close to your leads. Smart fields are automatically updated information you can keep in your collections in Pigeon. Directly next to your own notes, dates, and other information you can keep yourself up to date with smart fields. More fields means more data. More data means more you can send. Pigeon has 11 smart fields you can use on any collection. A couple smart fields every prospect should have, Message count and last opened.

Message Count. You want that message count to be 7 and up. Make sure if you don’t have 7 automated follow ups schedule already to do so.

Last Opened: Get in the habit of checking this smart field to make sure you’re not missing hot leads.

These help you understand more about your leads and pipeline, and you don't have to do anything to keep them updated. More about the Smart Fields feature here

Three: Follow up more

Unique Followup Email Opportunities

The Catchup

Use this opportunity to catch up with prospects. Make it super casual. Ask them what they're working on. Make a real human connection.

The New Feature

Give information about a new feature in your product or service.

The New Use Case

Sometimes you get a new customer that unlocks a new use case for your product or service. Share it. You don’t have to give details, you can anonymize the pearson and speak about how this new use case features your product or service.

The Update

Send email updates about what's new in your world. New baby, New design, New customers. If you Pass any major milestones, be proud and show off. 5 Year anniversary in business. Or even 20 months.

The Increase

Always send emails to former prospects when you Increase your prices, increase your rates. Give them one last chance to be grandfathered in to your old price.

The Details

Give more details in follow ups. Instead of asking “did you get my last email?” Make a declarative statement about the connection you’re trying to make. Give more information about the transaction.

The Testimonial

Don’t rely on short text on your website to give social proof. Include it in a follow up email. Write in depth case studies and link to them.

The Walkthrough

Sometimes people need their hand held. Use screenshare technology like Loom .com to make short walk through of your product or service.

The Reply

Pigeon lets you followup even if you’re in the middle of a conversation. Add simple follow ups to your ongoing conversations to bump the threads up to your prospect’s inboxes.

More here about automated follow ups

Really great for customer support, closing deals, reports, case study followups, and more.