This Chrome Extension Automatically Sends Follow Up Emails For You

by Andrew Kamphey

Are you hoping to automate some of your follow up emails to save time?

The app Pigeon for Gmail will help you do that, and has pretty cool configurations.

Eliminate the chase with automated follow-up sequences

Tired of chasing down leads or people to get things done? Or using Gmail snooze hundreds of times? What if you could click a button that automatically schedules 3-4 follow up replies and sends them out until you hear back?

Pigeon gives you an interface inside Gmail where you can configure follow up sequences in any way you want:

This is all inside Gmail!

Mail merge + follow ups, inside Gmail

You can send mass follow up campaigns from inside Gmail. Want to email dozens, or hundreds of people?

You can configure this in a matter of seconds, and be sending automated follow ups to all of them.

Email automation for Gmail - send follow ups for existing conversations

Not trying to send mass email, but just looking to follow up with an individual person? You can even use this on existing email conversations.

Cancel follow up emails if the recipient replies

Worried about accidentally sending follow ups?

Pigeon is smart enough to cancel any follow ups if the client replies.

You’ll get the reply at the top of your inbox and Pigeon will let you know that all subsequent follow ups were canceled.

Schedule follow-ups directly from Gmail

You can effortlessly apply reminders and sequences for your leads while you respond to emails.

Pigeon has a built-in Gmail integration that allows you to set reminders and follow-ups from right inside the Gmail reply box.

Custom mail merge variable fields

You can use customized variables, directly from your CRM database.

You can use the recipient's first name, website, or anything with {{ variables }}.

Auto follow up 5 days later

You can choose the amount of days between follow ups, so if you want to send 5 days later, or 7 days later, or 10 days later, you can easily do that.

Actual replies

Pigeon’s follow ups send as actual replies to the threaded email conversation, instead of new emails.

We also use Gmail’s “quoted text”, so it looks like you really manually sent those emails!

See your upcoming automated emails in the sidebar

Get full context on what scheduled emails plan to go out, with the ability to edit and cancel them.